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Finally, please be aware that the pages on the site, extensive as they are, only provide a small sample of Prof. Carney's work. He has written much much more than is available here. If you are interested in his views and opinions, you should read the books and essays from which the brief excerpts on this site are taken. The individual pages of the site give information about obtaining books and essays relevant to those sections, and the Bookstore section contains a complete listing of the publications by Prof. Carney currently available and information about how to obtain them.

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About Ray Carney

Ray Carney's Mailbag: Letters from students and artists, announcements of events and screenings, and miscellaneous observations about life and art by Ray Carney
More than 500 of the most interesting or newsworthy letters written to Ray Carney from students and artists (selected from the more than 10,000 a year that Carney receives), along with some of his replies and responses. They include comments about recent films and filmmakers, questions about filmmaking and distribution problems, and updates and reflections on a range of recent issues, including Gena Rowlands's and Al Ruban's attempts to suppress Carney's artistic discoveries. (To read an index of the most important and popular topics covered on the Mailbag pages, click here.)

Ray Carney's Artistic Discoveries

Information on how to obtain books, essays, and interviews with Ray Carney about art, film, and life

The John Cassavetes Pages
Dedicated to the spiritual father of American independent filmmaking
The material on this site is provided by Ray Carney, the world's expert on John Cassavetes' life and work. He has written more than ten books (in seven languages) about John Cassavetes.

A Book on the Making of Shadows

The Films of John Cassavetes -- An In-Depth Study of the Major Films

Cassavetes' Life and Work -- A Brief Overview of Cassavetes' Acting and Directing Career
I am grateful to Paul Harrill and Alex Cruikshank for providing some of the material for this section, but would note that some of the information is incorrect or out-of-date. For up-to-date information, see my Cassavetes on Cassavetes and Shadows books and those sections of the site.

Cassavetes on Cassavetes -- The Filmmaker's Autobiography

John Cassavetes: The Adventure of Insecurity -- A Pocket Guide with an Interview About Cassavetes, the Man

Other Books and Articles about Cassavetes
A small sampling of other books, articles, and program guides written by Ray Carney about Cassavetes' life and work

The Independent Film Pages
Dedicated to film not as business and box office receipts, but as a means of understanding life. Art speaks truths that we have no other way to express.
The material on this site is provided by Ray Carney, an authority on American independent film, and a frequent speaker on indie film at festivals and special events around the world.

For Artists Only -- The Independent Vision

British Independent -- The Films of Mike Leigh

The Real Independent Movement -- A Forthcoming Book

Carney on Culture -- Reflections on the Awfulness of American Film Reviewing

The Films of the Beat Movement, 1950 to 1965

News and Events Connected with Independent Film

The Film and Other Arts Pages
Our universities are founded on the fallacy of specialization. The arts are one. The soul speaks in a thousand voices but expresses the same truths over and over again.
The material on this site is provided by Ray Carney, an interdisciplinary arts scholar who has written extensively on the relation of American painting, literature, drama, dance, film, and philosophy, and curated museum shows on the relation of the arts.

American Painting -- Homer, Eakins, Sargent, and Hopper

Henry James: The Heroic Mind -- A Forthcoming Book

American Painting from 1860 to 1920 -- A Forthcoming Book

Academic Animadversions -- For Ph.D.s Only

Dreyer's Art

Studio Indie -- Frank Capra

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