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Image from GloriaStreetwise, independent Gloria grudgingly takes a young boy under her wing after his family has been gunned down by the New York mob. The two make a run for Pittsburgh under constant pursuit by mob hit men intent on finishing the job. In the midst of gunfire and constant movement, Gloria slowly develops a fondness and ultimately a devotion to the child. Cassavetes uses this film to explore the self-sacrificing nature of the maternal bond. 1980 (110 m.Color) Stars Gena Rowlands and John Adames.


This is hack work from Cassavetes that feminists have, in their customary way, distorted beyond recognition and exalted into pseudo greatness just because it shows a woman pushing men around. Big friggin deal! Ray Carney's Cassavetes on Cassavetes book tells the real story of how Cassavetes didn't even want to make it, how Barbra Streisand turned down the lead, and how Rowlands more or less coerced Cassavetes to direct her in it. I've also heard Carney talk at film events about other amazing behind the scenes happenings between Cassavetes and the crew. He was fined and reprimaned by the unions for his behavior. See Carney's writing for more Cassavetes craziness. What a wild man. No wonder he made such crazy movies.

Having seen the movie several times I think it is one of John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands best works--she was excellent in the part.

I love this film, especially the enigmatic ending. Has Gloria died, and her return to the cemetery is in the boy’s imagination? Or did Gloria outsmart the gangsters? i like to ponder both endings.
I loved this movie! Gena Rowlands gives a powerful performance. You can really feel her internal struggle regarding the boy and her past. I was dissapointed that the remake starred Sharon Stone! There is no way she could pull off the same amount of energy and tough streetwise attitude that Gena did!
The only thing I can add is that gena Rowlands is the best actress in the world. She deserve more recognition. You are great, Gena! -
Forget the Sharon Stone remake, this is the only version. I first saw this film on cable in 81,' and I liked it then, even though I was only 8. A good flick is a good flick. - B.B.B.
At first glance, there's something unnervingly conventional about the film. But this film, almost more than any other Cassavetes film, reverberates in my mind and shakes me.

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