The Text of the 1989 Catalogue "The Films of John Cassavetes"
Written by Ray Carney

In collaboration with the Walker Art Center and the Pacific Film Archive, Ray Carney organized the first complete retrospective of the work of John Cassavetes following the filmmaker's death in 1989. The program toured to thirteen cities (and was brought back to several of them to play a second time due to popular demand). The catalogue (reproduced here) and a complete set of program notes (not reproduced here) to accompany each of the screenings and celebrity special events were written by Ray Carney.

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You are on the cover page of the 1989 catalogue for the touring retrospective "The Films of John Cassavetes" organized by Ray Carney for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley. This text is part of Ray Carney's pages and may not be reproduced without written permission. All rights reserved.

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