A Child is Waiting

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Image from A Child is WaitingThe story of a teacher attempting to treat children in a school for the retarded. Cassavetes was fired by producer Stanley Kramer over a disagreement about how the film should be edited shortly after the filming was completed. Cassavetes was subsequently labeled an unmanageable maverick director and blackballed from Hollywood. The film displays Cassavetes style despite Kramerís efforts to erase Cassavetes' influence in the editing. 1963 (102 m. B+W) Stars Burt Lancaster, Judy Garland, and Gena Rowlands.


Three Stars. Poingnant story of Lancaster's attempts to treat retarded children with the help of overly sympathetic Garland. Sensitive subject handled with honesty and candor. - Leonard Maltin.

I saw A Child Is Waiting many years ago.I was obsessed with John's films at the time. It's actually a very good film, and you can even tell that it was made by the master. I hope all of his die hard fans get to see it, so they can judge it for for themselves and not just have to listen to critics trash this film. - che
This is an excellent movie for anyone who has ever known or loved a special needs child. Considering this movie was made 36 years ago, it truly gets an important message across- a good teacher can make a difference in a child's life.

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