Published or Forthcoming Papers



1       Asset Bubbles and Credit Constraints, PDF, with Pengfei Wang, forthcoming in American Economic Review.


2       The Perils of Credit Booms, PDF, with Feng Dong and Pengfei Wang, forthcoming in Economic Theory.


3       Woodford's Approach to Robust Policy Analysis in a Linear-Quadratic Framework, PDF, with Hyosung Kwon, forthcoming Macroeconomic Dynamics.

4       Three Types of Robust Ramsey Problem in a Linear-Quadratic Framework, with Hyosung Kwon, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 76 (2017) 211-231.

5       Robust Contracts in Continuous Time, PDF, with Alejandro Rivera, Forthcoming in Econometrica. Online Appendix

6       Land Prices and Unemployment, with Zheng Liu and Tao Zha, PDF, Forthcoming in Journal of Monetary Economics. Online Appendix

7       Introduction to Economic Theory of Bubbles II, PDF, Journal of Mathematical Economics 65 (2016) 139-140.

8       Introduction to the Symposium on Bubbles, Multiple Equilibria, and Economic Activities, PDF, Economic Theory 61 (2016) 207-214.

9       Stock Market Bubbles and Unemployment, PDF, with Pengfei Wang and Lifang Xu, Economic Theory 61 (2016) 273-307.

10    Chaotic Banking Crises and Banking Regulations, PDF, with Jess Benhabib and Pengfei Wang, Economic Theory 61 (2016) 393-422.


11    Asset Bubbles, Collateral, and Policy Analysis, PDF, with Pengfei Wang and Jing Zhou, Journal of Monetary Economics 76 (2015) S57-S70.  Online Appendix

12    A Bayesian DSGE Model of Stock Market Bubbles and Business Cycles, with Pengfei Wang and Zhiwei Xu Quantitative Economics 6 (2015) 599-635. Supplementary Appendix

13    Banking Bubbles and Financial Crises, with Pengfei Wang, Journal of Economic Theory 157 (2015), 763-792. Online Appendix


14    Growth Uncertainty, Generalized Disappointment Aversion and Production-based Asset Pricing, PDF, with Hening Liu, Journal of Monetary Economics 69 (2015) 70-89.


15    A Duality Approach to Continuous-Time Contracting Problems with Limited Commitment, PDF, with Yuzhe Zhang, Journal of Economic Theory 159 (2015) 929-988.


16    Introduction to Economic Theory of Bubbles, Journal of Mathematical Economics 53 (2014), 130-136.


17  Sectoral Bubbles, Misallocation, and Endogenous Growth, with Pengfei Wang, Journal of Mathematical Economics 53 (2014), 153-163.


18  Dynamic Asset Allocation with Ambiguous Return Predictability, with Hui Chen and Nengjiu Ju, Review of Economic Dynamics 17 (2014), 799-823. (Best paper in 2009 CICF)


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