Published or Forthcoming Papers



1      Convergence, Financial Development, and Policy Analysis, with Justin Yifu Lin and Pengfei Wang, PDF, forthcoming in Economic Theory.


2      Aversion to Ambiguity and Model Misspecification in Dynamic Stochastic Environments, with Lars Peter Hansen, PDF, forthcoming in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.


3      Ambiguity Aversion and Variance Premium, with Bin Wei and Hao Zhou, PDF, forthcoming in Quarterly Journal of Finance.


4      Monetary Policy and Rational Asset Bubbles: Comments, with Pengfei Wang, and Zhouxiang Shen, PDF, forthcoming in American Economic Review.


5      Asset Bubbles and Credit Constraints, PDF, with Pengfei Wang, forthcoming in American Economic Review.


6      Does Calvo Meet Rotemberg at the Zero Lower Bound, with Phuong Ngo, PDF, forthcoming in Macroeconomic Dynamics.


7      The Perils of Credit Booms, PDF, with Feng Dong and Pengfei Wang, forthcoming in Economic Theory.


8      Woodford's Approach to Robust Policy Analysis in a Linear-Quadratic Framework, PDF, with Hyosung Kwon, forthcoming Macroeconomic Dynamics.

9      Three Types of Robust Ramsey Problem in a Linear-Quadratic Framework, with Hyosung Kwon, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 76 (2017) 211-231.

10   Robust Contracts in Continuous Time, PDF, with Alejandro Rivera, Forthcoming in Econometrica. Online Appendix

11   Land Prices and Unemployment, with Zheng Liu and Tao Zha, PDF, Forthcoming in Journal of Monetary Economics. Online Appendix

12   Introduction to Economic Theory of Bubbles II, PDF, Journal of Mathematical Economics 65 (2016) 139-140.

13   Introduction to the Symposium on Bubbles, Multiple Equilibria, and Economic Activities, PDF, Economic Theory 61 (2016) 207-214.

14   Stock Market Bubbles and Unemployment, PDF, with Pengfei Wang and Lifang Xu, Economic Theory 61 (2016) 273-307.

15   Chaotic Banking Crises and Banking Regulations, PDF, with Jess Benhabib and Pengfei Wang, Economic Theory 61 (2016) 393-422.


16   Asset Bubbles, Collateral, and Policy Analysis, PDF, with Pengfei Wang and Jing Zhou, Journal of Monetary Economics 76 (2015) S57-S70.  Online Appendix

17   A Bayesian DSGE Model of Stock Market Bubbles and Business Cycles, with Pengfei Wang and Zhiwei Xu Quantitative Economics 6 (2015) 599-635. Supplementary Appendix

18   Banking Bubbles and Financial Crises, with Pengfei Wang, Journal of Economic Theory 157 (2015), 763-792. Online Appendix


19   Growth Uncertainty, Generalized Disappointment Aversion and Production-based Asset Pricing, PDF, with Hening Liu, Journal of Monetary Economics 69 (2015) 70-89.


20   A Duality Approach to Continuous-Time Contracting Problems with Limited Commitment, PDF, with Yuzhe Zhang, Journal of Economic Theory 159 (2015) 929-988.


21   Introduction to Economic Theory of Bubbles, Journal of Mathematical Economics 53 (2014), 130-136.


22  Sectoral Bubbles, Misallocation, and Endogenous Growth, with Pengfei Wang, Journal of Mathematical Economics 53 (2014), 153-163.


23  Dynamic Asset Allocation with Ambiguous Return Predictability, with Hui Chen and Nengjiu Ju, Review of Economic Dynamics 17 (2014), 799-823. (Best paper in 2009 CICF)


24   A Q-Theory Model with Lumpy Investment, with Pengfei Wang, Economic Theory 57 (2014), 133-159.


25   Lumpy Investment and Corporate Tax Policy, with Pengfei Wang, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 46 (2014), 1171-1203.


26   Numerical Simulation of Nonoptimal Dynamic Equilibrium Models, with Zhigang Feng, Adrian Peralta-Alva, and Manuel Santos, International Economic Review 55 (2014), 83-110.


27   Advance Information and Asset Prices, with Rui Albuquerque, Journal of Economic Theory 149 (2014), 236-275.  Online Appendix.


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34   The Determinants and Dynamic Properties of China’s Urban Housing Prices, Investment Research 7 (2011), 2-13. (in Chinese)


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37   Transitional Dynamics of Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Cuts, with Francois Gourio, Review of Economic Dynamics 14 (2011), 368-383. This is a substantial overhaul of the old version:  “Dynamic Effects of Permanent and Temporary Dividend Tax Policies on Corporate Investment and Financial Policies,” PDF. Media: The Fiscal Times,  The Washington Post


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