Vision, Robotics, and Planning---Intelligent Machines

Prof. J. Baillieul
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Systems Engineering

ENG ME/SE740 Course Outline: (Spring 2017)


1. Foundations of intelligent mechatronics
2. Geometry and robot coordinate systems
3. Euclidean group theory and kinematic equations
4. Differential relationships
5. Specifying robot motions
6. Analytical dynamics of mechanical systems
7. Control: basic issues
8. Control: sampled data systems
9. Control: advanced topics
10. The control theory of micro-mechanical systems
11. Advanced topics: kinematic redundancy
12. Advanced topics: Super-articulated mechanical systems
13. Advanced topics: Information based control
14. Advanced topics: Networked control systems

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1. Course syllabus outline: [PDF] or [HTML].
2. Course project description [PDF].

Course readings: See Syllabus.

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Grades will be given for homework assignments (one every week or so), exam (midterm on some date when I need to be traveling), and most importanly, for a term project which will be assigned during the first few weeks of the class.

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