2003 - The Third Year

Baffles, detector housing, warm testing prep, slit belt unit
Detector unit, getter, slit and decker drive screws, gears
Closing Mimir for cold test, various parts
Broken slit belt, LN2 testing of motors, brake
Thermal straps, slit & decker system, cold pipe
Prep for cold test
Cooldown for cold test
CCR tests after repair, decker/slit unit
Minimal thermal strapping for next cold run
Cold test confiuration
Half-wave plates, wire grid, grisms
Clemens with Mimir
F/5 Camera lenses, cells
Assembly of the collimator
More collimator assembly
Filter Wheels and encoders
PV lens, TT parts, Kapton pieces
Filters: M, LP117, PV camera
PV camera, TT, SED grism mount
F5 camera assembly; busted BaF2 lens
Collimator part assembled. SED grism in cell
Assembing HWP, WG cells, J-Band corrector
Collimator sections assembled into complete unit
F/17 and camera block assembly
Broken & new BaF2 F/5 lens
Detector ribbon cable wiring and electronics
Bare MUX test of cabling, electronics
More MUX set-ups and tests
Detector array mount details; science array; metrology
Rebuild of Mimir in preparation for cold test
Continued Rebuild: adding decker unit, front shields
Camera and thermal straps
Filters to be installed for cold test
Closing up for cold test
Closing for cold test
Decker box baffle interference
Precool with LN2