Cell face to hold wire grid (grid not yet installed)
Kapton ring added
Wire grid cell parts
Wire grid (unmounted) in cell half
Wire grid filter cell with grid cell installed
Wave washer atop wire grid cell, in filter cell, about to be energized with C-ring
Wire grid cell, fully assembled
Half-wave plate cell parts
HWP cell halves
HWP cell half with leaf springs
HWP cell halves with MgF2 plates, about to be mounted
One MgF2 plate installed in a HWP cell half
Both MgF2 plates in their respective cell halves.
HWP cell halves, assembled. There is a thin kapton ring (1 mil?) separating the two MgF2 pieces.
HWP cell mounted in geared filter cell
HWP in geared filter cell, top view
J-Band Corrector parts. The optical design indicated that J-band would need a field flattener for the wide field F/5 configuration. This corrector flattens the J-band PSF variations (Strehl variations across the field). In practice, on the sky, we found no difference between using and not using the J-band corrector, so it has been decommissioned and removed from Mimir.
J-band corrector lens installed in lens cell.
Fully assembled J-band corrector lens in its filter cell.
Parts for collimator foreward section, and its assembly drawing.
Collimator forward section with L2 (BaF2) installed
Collimator forward section with L1 and L2 installed. [installing L1 on top of L2 was done using bent piano wire to grasp the L1 cell in 3 places and then gently set the L1 cell in place.]
Reflection of Dan Clemens in "antireflection" coating on L1 in foreward collimator section.
Another Clemens reflection in L1
Completed collimator foreward section, in vacuum bell jar after assembly.