2nd stage of cold head, with strap from getter, all wrapped in MLI
2nd Stage strap from detector unit
Aft cold shield temperaure sensor location
Alex and getter
Alex installing getter
Closed-cycle CTI 1050 refrigerator head mounted on vibration isolator on warm Mimir bulkhead
First optic (entrance window) mounted on Mimir
Front cold shield and cover detail
getter parts
Mimir before closing up
Mimir before closing, front view (slit belt unit visible)
Mimir closed up, with heater tape and aluminum foil outer blanket around SS shell.
Mimir closed for cold test
Mimir closed for cold test
With heater tape
Mimir with filter, camera bay covers installed
same, with MLI over 2nd stage
Slit belt unit seen through front window
Same, another view
vacuum plumbing
Front window retaining parts
ZnSe Window installed