Beginning F/17 camera assembly in the camera block
Details of matching of rifled anti-reflection tubes (ARTs) at the location of one of the four dog-leg mirrors
Camera block underside before installing dog-leg mirrors. Note that the camera lenses are in place at top.
Camera block top view, before top dog-leg mirrors installed. F/17 optics visible at left.
F/17 gold-covered dog-leg elliptical mirror with mounting components (Kapton, twin tie downs).
One F/17 dog-leg mirror, installed at top of camera block.
Mounted F/17 mirror, side view
Camera block with two dog-leg mirrors mounted
Closer view of two mounted F/17 mirrors on camera block
Side view of camera block with two dog-leg F/17 mirrors installed.
Camera block with top cover installed. [plastic covers for F/5 and PV are for temporary dust protection]
Camera block, oblique view
Camera block underside, showing installation of one of the bottom dog-leg elliptical F/17 mirrors
Both bottom mirrors installed
Front view of camera block, showing two bottom F/17 mirrors
F/17 camera fully installed in camera block (covered by plastic for protection from dust).
Front view of assembled camera block
Camera block and collimator in test chamber. We used the test chamber as a better vacuum jar to keep dust and moisture off the optics.
Same, with flash on camera