Mimir warm and cold bulkhead unit, before rebuild
Front view, before rebuild. Note presence of black anodized ring - this holds the 2 (hard) + 1 (spring-loaded) kinematic mount that locates the collimator on the optical axis of the instrument
Back view before rebuild. Note the two steel circles at the extreme ends of the cold optical bench. They hold the "cones" and ball bearings that make up the remaining two hard points of the 5-point kinematic mount for the Mimir optical system. These cones face one flat and one cone located on the bottom of the filter box unit.
Another back view, showing the kinematic mounts better
Filter box, with filters, and with camera rail installed
Top view of camera rail and carriage assembly, installed on floor of camera bay.
Filter wheels, with some populating filters (looks like one dark).
Slit/Decker unit, mostly assembled, on work bench. Note absence of anodization at threaded holes for attaching copper cooling straps.
Filter box preparing for attachment of collimator. At base, note cone and flat steel disks for the kinematic mount. Also note the non-anodized zones below the kinematic mounts. These zones are for attaching the copper connectors for the thermal straps back the to the "Clemens Clamp".
Collimator, with fore and aft dust covers still attached.
Alex trimming screw heads to allow the collimator to fit into the filter box.
Collimator mounted on Filter box.
Alex installing filter box + collimator optical unit into Mimir warm and cold bulkhead unit.
Front view during installation. The collimator front dust cover has a handle attachment to allow guiding installation from the front.
Filter box and collimator installed on cold optical bench and kinematic mounts.