2003/03/12 - preparation for March 2003 cold test run

goals were to do first test of cold pipe (H2/N2 system),
retest camera motor rail, and to see if cold strapping
system worked as expected.

These photos are of the run up to the cold run.

Aft cold shield with new holes for "Clemens Clamp" screws
After copper thermal straps, from Clemens Clamp to underside of filter box
Clemens Clamp with copper straps for connection to filter box
Alex and Domenic brazing coaxial "Cold Pipe" in machine shop
Closed-cycle refrigerator 1st stage, version 2 copper straps (these are much shorter, wider than the originals)
Cold optical bench with Clemens Clamp (aluminum) connected to underside of bench and also to copper straps for filter box.
Cold pipe, with N2, H2 fill tube stubs (at far left).
Cold Pipe zoom
Collimator stack, after anodization and assembly
Detector unit in mounting cage, with copper strapping
Filter box on cold optical bench, before detector package insertion. Showing copper straps connected to underside of filter box from Clemens Clamp.
Heavy duty copper straps from filter box to side of cold optical bench. Getter shown mounted to heater disk and then to 2nd stage of CCR.
Filter box attached to collimator. Note new copper straps for connecting filter box to cold optical bench.
Getter with heater disk
New first stage copper strapping (shorter, wider)
1st stage copper strapping and clamp system - detail image.
New forward box baffle bracketing the front cold shield cover.
View of entire 1st stage strapping system: from 1st stage to cold bulkhead and from filter box to cold optical bench. Getter shown on RHS of cold bulkhead.
Copper straps for filter box to cold optical bench. These are 25 mils thick by 1/2" by 3-4 " long.
Slit/Decker unit (before base plate anodization). Showing initial motor, detent, and detent sensing configuration. Motor drives lead screw with nut captured by one of two cars (Decker or Slit Plate) to move cars along SS rods over recycling roller bearings.

Slit/Decker unit. Decker car is at left. Slit Plate carrying car is at right (no slit plate is installed in this picture)

Zoom of previous picture