Bare MUX in detector array mount
Details of V-tabs fabricated from G10 (Fiberglass epoxy) that act as the array positioners and thermal insulator from the filter/camera box.
Details of the copper column that connects to the array holder to bring heat out to the CCR 2nd stage.
MUX in mount, again
Ribbon cable wiring for the detector cover cage.
Mimir assembled for more MUX testing
MUX installed, ribbon cabling connected
Back cover of detector unit cover installed
Side view of detector cover unit, with ribbon cabling
MUX, as seen by looking into the empty camera bay of the filter box.
MUX, as seen from the front end of Mimir. The three screws are the tie-downs for the pupil mask, which appears to be absent in this test.
Alex Grabau, after installing camera block into camera bay
Mimir with empty filter wheels, camera block, and bare MUX in detector package