Old, broken BaF2 lens (top) and new, replacement BaF2 lens (bottom), with components of the F/5 lens cell
Details of spider cracks on old lens (at right) and nice, new, replacement lens (at left)
Zoom in to cracks in old BaF2 lens. Damage done by use of aeroduster...
The new BaF2 F/5 L1 lens, fully installed in its lens cell. Note C-ring atop copper wave washer.
F/5 camera unit in camera block, with replacement L1 BaF2 lens installed. No aeroduster this time...
C Fully populated camera block, at left, sitting on camera block stand. At right is the camera block transport and storage cover. The camera block bolts down to the bottom plate and then the box goes over the camera block and also bolts into the baseplate, forming a safe environment for the camera during transport.