Collimator middle section parts
Collimator middle section with baffle stack installed
Collimator aft assembly in vacuum bell jar
Filter box with filter wheels on workbench. Note installation of all four stepper motors
ARC electronics with bare MUX (red box, with front lens) on workbench
Collimator middle section, with drawing
Collimator middle section, viewed through thick LiF lens. Note square baffles interior.
Collimator forward section parts. Baffle stack, lens cells, wave washers
Baffle stack for collimator foreward section
L1 ZnS lens and lens cell components.
L1 lens, inverted in its cell, awaiting wave washer and C-ring installation. Note the white plastic blocks used to lift the cell off the table. This lens has such strong curvature that the lens front decends far below the lens cell extent.
Assembled L1 lens cell unit. Diameter ~6"
Same L1 assembled lens cell, viewed from back side
Assembled L2 BaF2 lens cell. Poor picture due to specular reflections.
Assembled L2 BaF2 lens cell unit
Alex holding completed L2 BaF2 lens cell unit
Detail of portion of L2 BaF2 lens in cell. This lens edge is very thin, so holding it is tricky.
Assembled L2 BaF2 lens in cell. Back view