Configuration for testing MUX with cabling and electronics. The bare MUX and lens are the black and red unit to the left of the Mimir electronics
Bare MUX unit, connected to ribbon cable connector feed throughs in the light-tight detector unit cover. MUX is in the polished aluminum detector mount, with red cover and 50mm lens in front to form image onto the MUX. The silicon MUX is able to detect optical wavelength light and to readout the signal as would normally be done by the MUX that backs the InSb NIR detector material in the science grade Aladdin III array.
Looking from front of Mimir (absent of all optics and filter and camera box) to the bare MUX unit.
Details of MUX set up, showing all the ribbon cable and connectors.
Details of back side of detector cover and connector system.
Another side view of the MUX set-up for the testing.