2002 - The Second Year

G10 MLI shell, Mimir as R2D2
Wrapping MLI on the G10 shell
Filter Wheel Stack, Pumping MLI
Degreasing Stepper Motors
Motors in Filter Box, Shell Heater System
Preparing for first cold test
First cold test, other bench testing
Prep for second cold test, motor/brake camera unit
2nd cold test, cryovac test chamber
Filter Wheels in Filter Box, Slit Belt Unit
Detector Mount

MKIR Detector Socket & Mount

Lens Inspection
Camera Block begins

Camera block machining, refrigerator cold strapping

Camera block, F/17 anti-reflection rifled tubes
Camera block bores completed, test chamber, camera carriage test set up
Filter wheel stack, assembled
Filter reed encoders, crystal temp tests
Collimator, camera, slit belt
Test crystals, filter wheels, pupil mask
Busted Grism substrate