Wrapping the aluminized-mylar MLI onto the G10 shell insert. The approach was to lay down about 10 layers, then cut the MLI, tape it down, and start again. This reduced the thermal conduction along the MLI while achieving good thermal insulation. The final layer count was 120. Or was it 121? Dang..
Domenic peeking in to see how we were doing on wrapping the MLI onto the G10 shell. I seem to recall his comment was "Hmmm."
Alex Grabau taping the ends down after 10 more layers of MLI had been added. The latex gloves were used to keep skin oils out of the MLI wrap. Unfortunately, latex gloves and adhesive tape are a complex combination to master together.
Alex did get pretty good at it, though...
In the end, it worked! The G10 insert supports the 120 MLI layers so they just don't quite touch the stainless steel cryostat shell and the G10 insert nests over the aluminum active cold shield that encompasses the filter box and cold bulkhead volume.