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Camera block on machine
Camera block on machine, side view
Collimator section on lathe
Forward collimator section on bench
Aft collimator section on milling machine
Winding slit belt onto spindles. This belt was our initial approach to presenting slits, slats, and other scenes at the focal plane. While we were able to operate it when warm, when cold the stainless steel belt broke at the cog holes. We abandoned the belt unit in favor of the decker/slit car system.
Electrical vacuum feed-through headers and connectors for the detector.
Pupil mask holder. This unit slides into the beam inside the second filter wheel bulkhead.
Buddy Budreau holding a collimator section
Collimator stack assembled for the first time in the shop
Collimator stack examined by Domenic and Buddy.
Buddy and Domenic checking dimensions and runout on finished collimator unit
Same pic as before
Collimator stack on reference table with height micrometers
Camera block, finally off milling machine
Camera block, alternate view
Camera block and many finished F/17 baffles and other anodized pieces