Mimir, doing its best R2D2 imitation...
Mimir lab with partially assembled "bio dome" (clean room), Mimir (R2D2 configuration), and G10 shell (at right) ready to wrap MLI.
G10 shell (removed from mold), on jig, ready to accept MLI wrap
Aluminized mylar MLI wrap, cut to length, about to be wrapped onto G10 shell.
End view of G10 shell, showing holes drilled to allow MLI to release trapped gas
Stainless steel shell on its cart. At right is the electronics rack mouting ring.
Mimir parts on assembly table. Front window cover at bottom, filter box camera bay cover, front cold shield, pupil mask holder, filter cells.
Filter wheel stack, being assembled. THK ball-screw drive for camera block at back. Filter wheel detent arm at lower left. HWP cells at lower right.
HWP cells, with spur gears.
Model collimator, with slit belt unit case surrounding it. The slit belt unit was our first approach to field selection at the telescope focal plane. It consisted of a wide, thin steel belt (which was to have had scenes etched into it) with drive and take-up reels with stepper motor and encoding system.