Camera clock with finished bores
Camera block with finished bores (second pic)
Camera block with finished bores, oblique
Camera block with finished bores, underside view
Camera carriage showing reed switches
Cold optical bench, rotated 90 deg
Collimator aft section, after rough machining
Collimator fore section, after rough machining
Collimator mid section, after rough machining
(Left) Cryostat front vacuum cover and window holder. (Right) Internal cold shield (connects to cold bulkhead)
Cryostat shell, with bulkhead replacement cover, wrapped for heating, on cryostat cart
Electronics rack, backside view, with stepper motor test unit at left, and open Mimir cryostat at right
Electronics rack, front view. Showing thermal monitoring, control units at top, motor controller boards in middle, and vacuum monitoring unit at bottom
Filter box during camera carriage testing, with motor & brake at lower right.
Cold Head 1st stage vibration isolator unit (bellows at front) and thermal strap unit (copper straps at left).
Four anodized filter wheels, prior to assembly
Test bench set up of Mimir electronics, communication terminal, and filter box, with direct cable connection to motor & brake.
Optics cabinet with vacuum jars holding optics, grisms, filters.
Cryovac test chamber with cold head mounted at top, compressor at bottom right
Side view of cryovac test chamber during cooling test.