MKIR detector mount block (with plastic cover)
Another oblique view
Top view. Plexiglass cover protects the bare multiplexer (MUX) used to test detector cabling and readout electronics.
Backside of MKIR detector mount block, showing electrical connectors
Bare MUX (gray square at center, surrounded by gold) mounted in MKIR detector mount block.
MUX zoom. The silicon readout is the gray square in the center. Contacts are gold fingers all around outside of ceramic chip carrier. Thin, gold bond wires are just visible between the silicon readout chip and the gold contacts.
Bare MUX in MKIR detector block, with safety plexiglass cover over front.
Pinout list spreadsheet
50 mm camera lens on red mount plate. This setup allows the bare MUX to be used as a test imager for room temperature checkout of the array electronics.
Ribbon cable set. These carry all of the detector signals, biases, and clocks from the warm cryostat bulkhead to the detector in the cold volume of Mimir.
Cabling detail. The connectors at right engage the bulkhead hermetic Mil Spec connectors. The splice connectors at left emulate the feedthroughs at the cold bulkhead.
Cabling detail at detector end. The 3x32 VME connectors engage the sockets at the back of the detector block. The IDC splices emulate the feedthroughs in the sides of the detector unit cover.
Connectors for the ribbon cable at the warm side. The top row (red and blue) connectors are hermetically sealed to their aluminum cover plates. These plates carry o-rings to make a vacuum seal with a short riser and block off the warm cryostat bulkhead. The lower row of connectors was used for warm testing with the bare MUX.
Backside detail of one of the hermetically sealed connectors and its IDC socket fanout board. The ribbon cables from the detector plug into these IDC sockets.