{photo region}
5x1 LED illuminator for the "Tollestrup Telescope". This unit was to have put a column of 5 LED spots on the detector for a particular camera positioning. It didn't actually work that way in practice.
Baffles and anti-reflection rifle tubes for F/17 camera and other units.
Camera Block
Collimator stack, after anodizing
filter wheel position encoder magnet stack
LiF crystal test piece after cold testing. Note scratch ring on underside from G10 support system.
Slit belt cog wheel
Slit belt unit, partially assembled
Test crystal after cold testing, Note scratch mark all around back face. We believe the compressor's vibrations must have stimulated the crystal to precess and so become scratched.
Test crystal pieces after cold tests.
Another view
Zoom of ZnSe test piece with Silicon diode thermal sensor