2001 - The First Year

DE, DS, Compressor
Cryovac Test Chamber
CTC, Warm Bulkhead
Mimir Mock-Up
Warm Bulkhead, Slit Belt Unit
Big Ben, G10 Collar Fab.
G10 collar, Cold Mass, Cold Shield
G10 collar complete, Filter Box bulkheads, "Big Ben"
G10 collar gets epoxied into Big Ben
G10+Big Ben, forward thermal shield, LN2 loop, cold bulkhead
First vacuum test, first cryostat assembly


More leak testing in SIF
Cryovac test chamber
Filter Box before being sent out for dip brazing
Bare MUX, FWs, LN2 loop
More prep for brazing
Cold bulkhead with LN2 loop, Filter box after brazing, POL wheel and cell operation
Filter Cells, Filter Wheels, Big Ben
Warm and Cold bulkheads epoxied together, filter cells worked
Delivery of cryostat by/from BU SIF, pics of SIF guys.
Mimir in lab for first time, mold for MLI frame, measuring detector ribbon cables
Filter Box and Mimir side views
Marc Buie's first visit, inside views