Final vacuum and leak testing of Mimir cryostat at BU Scientific Instruments Facility (SIF).
Electronics Rack mounted to outer telescope flange, via "ears" to inner telescope flange
Electronics rack with support and outer telescope mounting flange.
Side view of electronics rack, as mounted on Mimir
Bob Kingsland inspecting electronics rack mount on Mimir
Detail of LN2 fill/vent port at warm bulkhead surface.
Bob Kingsland cleaning surface marks from Mimir's telescope mounting flange.
Mimir with Leo Dumais, Director of SIF.
Mimir with entire SIF staff. Front row (left to right): Steve Morrison, Sammy Ma. Back row (left to right) Bob Snee, Bob Fazio, Bob Kingsland, Buddy Budreau, Leo Dumais, Bob Vere.
Second Shot of same.
SIF tag on Mimir instrument cart.