Cold shield, with handle, as attached via screws to cold bulkhead (at bottom)
Alignment marks ("0"s) for cold shield and cold bulkhead. Note slots in cold shield to allow tie-down screws to bring cold shield "tongues" into close contact with cold bulkhead.
Filter box - view down optical axis through filter bulkheads, prior to brazing.
Camera bay portion of filter box, with side covers removed, prior to brazing. Hole patterns on bottom are to accomodate the hardened steel ball bearing cups for the kinematic mounts of the filter box to the cold optical bench below it. Flanking holes are to mount the internal kinematic mounts that support the THK screw rail holding the camera block.
Underside view of front bulkhead of filter box, showing cut out to accomodate the polarimetry half wave plate drive system.
Filter box, prior to brazing, with filter bay cover removed.
Filter box, prior to brazing, with filter bay and camera bay covers removed.
Assembling filter box, prior to sending out for brazing.
Pupil holder detail.