Undergraduate Kris Makrides and the first time Mimir's cryostat is assembled. Shown (top to bottom) are the front cover, the warm bulkhead (nee "Big Ben"), the stainless steel cryostat cover, and the Mimir instrument cart, which supports Mimir on two clovis pins.
Mimir cryostat held horizontal on its instrument cart, while Bob Kingsland and Leo Dumais position the cryostat shell cart (which fits *inside* the instrument cart) inside the BU SIF.
Zoom of Mimir cryostat on instrument cart
Oblique view of Mimir cryostat on instrument cart with Leo Dumais working on cryostat shell cart.
NW40 O-ring capture rings. Unfortunately, we found that the holes bored in the warm bulkhead were about 0.005" too small to fit standard capture rings, so these were turned down to enable them to pass the holes as built.
Set up for first vacuum pumping test of Mimir cryostat in the BU SIF. Hose connects to vacuum pump. Another NW40 port was used to host the vacuum sensor for the vacuum gauge positioned on top of the front cover of the cryostat.
Details of the pumping set up.
Vacuum gauge showing cryostat holding *some* vacuum. It was at this stage that we found a gross leak produced by an internal flange in Big Ben interfering with the front window cover. After a few days of additional machining...