Cryovac test chamber in Mimir lab. This ex-pressure cooker was refit with the CTI-1050 cold head and internal baffles and cold shields to allow running small test samples to low temperatures in full vacuum. Shown here just at the lip of the chamber is the two-motor test apparatus. It holds two stepper motors and the reed switches and magnets needed to verify motor operations. On the table in front of the cover is the three-shield polished aluminum internal cover that blocks external thermal radiation.
Undergraduate Kris Makrides preparing to close up the cryovac test chamber for motor tests.
One set of tests for the cryovac chamber involved surface treatments of machined parts. The goal was to produce the best radiative coupling between parts and their surroundings to quickly thermally equilibrate Mimir's internal parts. Shown here are two identical aluminum boxes. The one at left has been bead blasted and anodized -- the one at right is untreated.