Domenic Sarcia and Bob Vere take "Big Ben" outside to clean it before epoxying in the G10 collar
Big Ben, showing groove that will accept the G10 collar to connect Big Ben to the cold optical bench
Zoom to show the groove (right hand side) cut into Big Ben to accept the G10 collar.
Pink etchant to clean groove prior to G10 epoxy step. This etchant cleans and pits the aluminum to ensure a good epoxy bond.
"Big Ben" after etchant cleaning of G10 collar groove - cleaning groove with air
High quality measuring tools for preparing epoxy for mixing...
Domenic Sarcia mixes epoxy...
G10 collar epoxied into Big Ben. Cleaning excess epoxy with acetone.
Final view of G10 collar after epoxying into Big Ben warm bulkhead
Using the cold shield to maintain constant pressure on the G10 as the epoxy hardens against Big Ben. Domenic inspecting the works...
Filter Box bulkhead being light-weighted on Miltronics machine in BU SIF.
Side view of Miltronics with Mimir Filter Box bulkhead on bed. Dwarfed by the machine...
Outer flange for stainless steel cryostat shell being machined at BU SIF.