Round stock that will become the filter cells, tall, medium, and short. With filter cell drawing.
Filter Cell basics for Half Wave plates.
Filter Wheel central hub, before machining, on its drawing.
POL wheel with its central drive gear, bearing race, and one filter cell.
Alex spinning the HWP filter cell on bearings
Zoom of POL wheel drive gear. Note "Dutch" tapped holes with 4-40 screws that engage both the gear and the hub to hold them in fixed alignment.
Big Ben warm bulkhead combo, with G10 collar, now with "ears" mounted to support electronics rack system.
Cold optical bench on Miltronics, about to receive bores to hold kinematic mounts on horizontal surface.
Similar to above, somewhat different angle.
Front view of Cold Bulkhead and cold optical bench. Front is polished to reject radiation from warm bulkhead. Backside (figures above) are bead blasted and black anodized to improve radiative coupling to filter box and thermal shield.