Mimir Engineering

This page proves links to various engineering aspects of Mimir, such as mechanical design files, optical design files, spectroscopy modeling files, electrical design files, test images, and technical memos concerning operation of the electromechanical, thermal, and cryogenics units.

These are organized into the following sub-pages:

Optical Designs - Contains ZEMAX design files, glass catalog files, lens element drawings, and pictures

Electrical Designs - Contains CircuitMaker schematics of the electrical systems, our custom user library of device definitions, and PDF files of all drawings.

Mechanical Designs - Contains the AUTOCAD 2000 files of the parts and systems comprising Mimir

Operations Memos - Contains copies of memos describing operations of the various electromechanical subsystems

Detector Timing and Operations - results of tests on detector temperature vs read noise, pixel integration vs read noise, pixel timing plots

Test Images - Recent Mimir images, such as pupil viewer images, used for engineering evaluations

Servicing Reports - goals, inspections, results, and pictures from warm servicing periods and telescope engineering runs



updated 2005/03/12 dpc

Useful Plots and Tables

CTI Cold Head Temperature Calibration (PDF)

Copper Thermal Conductivity with Temperature (PDF, Excel)

ZEMAX Spectroscopy Detector Maps (various grism+filter combinations)

F17 Spectroscopy Detector Map

Filter, Filter Wheel Map with Encoding

Map of Thermal Sensor Locations: JPEG, PDF

Warm & Cold Bulkhead Wiring Cartoon: JPEG, PDF

Pupil View (of Cold Mask, Primary, Secondary) (FITS)

Warm Engineering Planning

White Board Pics:

Pre E#2

Pre E#3; Post E#3

Pre E#4

Task Lists:

Engineering Run #3 (Dec '04) (Word)

Engineering Run #4 (Mar '05) (Word)