Mimir - Documents and Manuals

News/Updates for Upcoming Observers

Start-Up Sheet (Telescope, LOIS, Mimir)(PDF) (2011/12/15)

Quick Start Guide (PDF) (2013/05/23)

Mimir Scripts Manual (PDF) (2013/05/29) - lots of observing modes and setups

Mimir Log Sheets (PDF)

Library Flats (use as last resort, only!)

Linearity Tables (use as last resort, only!)


  1. Spectroscopy

Use 'A-B_dither' script (see 'Spectroscopy Cookbook' section in Quick Start Guide)

For Texp < 20sec, use top half of array (better cosmetics)

For Texp > 20sec, use bottom half of array (lower dark current)

  1. Polarimetry

Both H-Pol and K-Pol are working

Key Parameter Tables & Plots

Mimir Modes List Table

Filter & Filter Wheel Table

Slit Table

Decker Table

Camera Position Table

Spectroscopy Options Table (OLD)

Grism Efficiency Plots

ZEMAX maps (grisms+filters)

Focus Information

Filter Bandpass Data


Observing Standards

Polarimetric Standards, Observing