Mimir - ZEMAX Spectroscopy Detector Maps

These show where on the detector light will fall for various grism and filter combinations. Note that the dispersion direction is up-down (short to long wavelength) in these plots, which is 90 degrees rotated from the actual left-right (short -> long) dispersion in actual Mimir images. These maps were calculated for the F/5 camera, but can be extended to the F/17 by expanding the central pixels by a factor of 3.333 about 512 - that is, column 359 (F/5) becomes column 1 (F/17) and column 665 (F/5) becomes column 1024 (F/17). These plots do not indicate efficiencies - this must be determined using Marc Buie's IDL tool.

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Mimir Overall Spectroscopy Summary Plot
LM + J-Band Barr Filter
JHK + 1.16 LP
LM + H-Band Barr Filter
JHK + 1.2 LP + PK50
LM + K-Band Barr Filter
JHK + 1.9 LP
LM + 1.2LP + PK50

JHK + I-Band Spectroscopic Filter
(Not currently implemented)

LM + 1.9 LP + PK50

JHK + VR-Band Spectroscopic Filter
(Not currently implemented)

LM + 2.9 LP
JHK Resolution Map at 1.52 microns
LM Resolution Map at 4.0 microns
SED + J-Band Barr Filter
SED + H-Band Barr Filter
SED + K-Band Barr Filter
SED + L-Band Barr Filter
SED + M-Band Barr Filter
SED + 1.2LP + PK50
SED + 1.9 LP
SED + 2.9 LP