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Plasma sprayed coatings


Microstructure of typical plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating showing a distribution of microcracks and pores.

Distribution of stresses (syy) in the first four splats of a thermal sprayed coating.

Plasma sprayed coatings are commonly found in hot-sections of gas turbines. These coatings, due to their low thermal conductivity, keep the surface temperature of the blade cooler than the ambient, thereby increasing their lifetimes. One important feature of these plasma sprayed coatings is microcracks, which can serve to decrease the thermal conductivity of the coatings, thereby improving its performance. However, these microcracks can also lead to coating spallation, which exposes the blade surface to higher temperatures and reduces their service lifetimes. Our research focuses on understanding the mechanism of microcrack formation during deposition of these coatings, and in developing a feedback control system that allows us to engineer the microcrack distribution across the coating thickness that leads to optimal coating performance and lifetimes.



M. Gevelber, Boston University

D. Wroblewsky, Boston University


S.N. Basu, G. Ye, M. Gevelber, J. Fincke J., and D. Swank, "Dependence of Plasma Sprayed TBC Microstructures on Particle States", in preparation (2002).

Basu, S.N., Ye G., and Johnson, H.T., "Modeling of Residual Stresses during splat Solidification in Plasma Sprayed Coatings", to be submitted to J. Materials Science and Engineering A (2002).

G. Ye, S.N. Basu, D. Wroblewski, M. Gevelber, J. Fincke and D. Swank, "Characterization of the Plasma Spray Process for Development of Closed Loop Control", presented at 1999 Materials Solutions Conference, Cincinnati, OH., November 1-4, 1999.

Molina, C., Basu, S.N., Sahoo, P., and Shmyreva, T., "Optimization of HVOF Sprayed Inconel 625 Coatings for Corrosion Resistance", presented at 1999 Materials Solutions Conference, Cincinnati, OH., November 1-4, 1999.



NSF - Integrated Plasma Deposition Processing for Advanced Control of Coating Structure (with M. Gevelber and D. Wroblewski).

NSF - Advanced Instrumentation Development for Research for Advanced Instrumentation Development for Research Education on Plasma Coating Crack Formation Fundamentals and Control (with M. Gevelber and D. Wroblewski).

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