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ENG EK 306:   Materials Science
Prereq: CAS PY 212; PY 313 recommended. Structure and properties of solids; crystalline structure; defect structures; atom movement and diffusion; nucleation and growth; deformation; phase diagrams; strengthening mechanisms; heat treatment; ferrous/nonferrous alloys; ceramics; polymers; composites.
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ENG MN 531:   Phase Transformations
Prereq: ENG EK 306 or graduate standing. Graduate-level introduction to phase transformations; solution thermodynamics; phase diagrams; kinetics of mass transport and chemical reactions; atomistic models of diffusion; nucleation and growth; spinodal decomposition; martensitic transformations; order-disorder reactions; point defects and their relation to transport kinetics.
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ENG MN 532:   Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Prereq: ENG EK 305 and 306 or graduate standing. Relates mechanical behavior of crystalline materials to processes occurring at microscopic and/or atomic levels. Topics covered include structure of materials and their determination by X-ray diffraction; dislocations and their relationship to plastic deformation and strength of materials; fracture and creep.
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