Phase Transformations

Prof. S. N. Basu
Rm. 132, 15 St. Mary's Street.
Ph. 353-6728

Required text:
Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys, D. A. Porter and K. E. Easterling, Chapman & Hall, 1993.

Suggested Reading:
Introduction to Metallurgical Thermodynamics, G. R. Gaskell.
Diffusion in Solids, P. G. Shewmon.
Chemical Kinetics, K. J. Laidler.
Introduction to Ceramics, W. D. Kingery, H. K. Bowen and D. R. Uhlman.

Midterm exam. - 35%
Homework - 20%
Final exam. - 45%


  1. Solution Thermodynamics 2 lectures
    Ideal Solution Model
    Regular Solution Model
    Gibbs Duhem Equation

  2. Phase Diagrams 2 lectures
    Gibbs Phase Rule
    Binary Phase Diagrams
    Ternary Phase Diagrams

  3. Diffusion 4 lectures
    Fick's Laws
    Thin Film Solution
    Error Function Solution
    Laplace Transforms
    Grain Boundary Diffusion
    Atomistics of Diffusion

  4. Chemical Kinetics 2 lectures
    Thermodynamics of Chemical Reactions
    Kinetics of Chemical Reactions

  5. Surfaces and Interfaces 1 lecture
    Surface Energy and Surface Tension
    Curvature of Surfaces
    Anisotropic Surfaces
    Grain Boundaries and Interfaces

  6. Thermally Activated Growth 2 lectures
    Grain Growth
    Equilibrium at Curved Surfaces
    Particle Coarsening

  7. Nucleation and Growth 2 lectures
    Homogeneous Nucleation
    Heterogeneous Nucleation
    Interface Controlled Growth
    Diffusion Controlled Growth
    Combined Nucleation and Growth

  8. Solidification 2 lectures
    Sheil Equation
    Limited Diffusivity in Liquid
    Convection in Liquid
    Constitutional Supercooling
    Rapid Solidification

  9. Spinodal Decomposition 2 lectures
    Thermodynamics of Spinodal Decomposition
    Kinetics of Spinodal Decomposition
    Experimental Observation of Spinodal Decomposition

  10. Order-Disorder Reactions 1 lecture
    Experimental Observation of Order Disorder Reactions
    Thermodynamics of Order Disorder Reactions
    Antiphase Boundaries

  11. Martensitic Transformations 2 lectures
    Characteristics of Martensitic Transformations
    Bain Transformation in the Fe-C System
    Nucleation of Martensite
    Transformation Matrix

  12. Point Defects 4 lectures
    Point Defects in Alloys
    Point Defects in Compounds
    Nonstoichiometric Compounds
    Diffusivity and Point Defects
    Brouwer Diagrams