EK306 Materials Science

Course Syllabus


Donald R. Askeland, "The Science and Engineering of Materials", Third Edition, PWS Publishing Company, Boston.


1. Lawrence H. Van Vlack, "Elements of Materials Science and Engineering", 6th Ed., Addison Wesley Publishing Co. Inc. Reading, MA, 1989.
2. William D. Callister Jr., "Materials Science and Engineering, An Introduction 2nd Ed.", John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1994.
3. James Shackelford, "Introduction to Materials Science for Engineering 2nd or 3rd Ed.", Macmillan Pub.


Professor: S. N. Basu (Tel.: 617-353-6728, e-mail: basu@bu.edu)
Office: Room 218, 730 Commonwealth Ave.


There will be two examinations as noted in the schedule. Each will cover approximately 1/2 of the course and will account for 30% of the total grade each.
There will be 10 homework assignments handed out in class. Each homework is due in class on the due date stated on the assignment. Late homework assignments will not be graded. Homeworks will account for 10% of the final grade. Five scheduled laboratory experiments will be conducted. A comprehensive safety training session will be conducted on the first week of laboratory classes and all students are required to attend this session before being allowed to conduct experiments. Laboratory reports are mostly due at the next scheduled laboratory session, except for the last one (see schedule). Late reports will not be graded. The total laboratory grades will account for 10% of the final grade. There will be 2-3 unscheduled quizzes, typically in the last 20 minutes of class, covering material taught in that class. The quizzes will account for 5% of the total grade.
A group project (3-4 people) will account for the remaining 15% of the final grade. A pre-proposal outlining the design of your experimental work and purpose of your project needs to be submitted before project related experiments may begin. An intermediate project report (Introduction, including a detailed Literature Review, and Experimental Design) are due prior to the final report submission as detailed in the laboratory schedule. The group project will require a final oral presentation (7%) and submission of a typed final report (8%).

Grading Summary:
First Exam 30 %
Second Exam 30 %
Homework 10 %
Laboratory Reports 10 %
Quizzes 5%
Project 15%


1. Introduction to Materials

Chapter 1

2. Atomic Structure and Bonding Chapter 2
3. Crystal Structure and Crystal Geometry Chapter 3
4. Crystalline Imperfection Chapter 4
5. Diffusion Chapter 5
6. Mechanical Properties Chapter 6
7. Strain Hardening and Annealing Chapter 7
8. Solidification and Solid Solution Strengthening Chapter 8
9. Phase Diagrams Chapter 9
10. Dispersion Strengthening by Solidification (Kinetics) Chapter 10
11. Dispersion Strengthening by Phase Transformation Chapter 11
12. Ferrous Alloys Chapter 12
13. Nonferrous Alloys Chapter 13
14. Ceramics Chapter 14
15. Polymers Chapter 15
16. Composites Chapter 16

Laboratory Schedule

1. Laboratory Safety Training

Lecture and quiz: Mr. Earl Geary, Lab Manager
No assignment

2. Metallography and Microstructures Assignment: Lab report

3. X-Ray Diffraction

Assignment: Lab report
4. Diffusion Assignment: Lab report
5. Solid Solutions/Mechanical Testing Assignment: Lab report
6. Phase Diagrams Assignment: Lab report

Project Schedule

1. Week 1 Pre-proposals due
2. Week 2 Proposal discussion with Mr. Earl Geary
3. Week 3 Intermediate project reports due
4. Weeks 1-4 Project work
5. Week 5 All final project reports due


1. All labs are in Room 307 of 730 Commonwealth Ave.
2. Lab reports are due in lab during your respective lab hours unless otherwise mentioned.
3. Unless previously arranged with the TF, you are not allowed to attend other lab sections.