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Current Graduate Students
Guosheng Ye

Guosheng Ye

Research area: Plasma sprayed coatings

Simly Das

Research area: Environmental barrier coatings

Alok Dobriyal

Research area: Environmental barrier coatings

Recent Graduate Students
Dharanipal Doppalapudi
Ping Hou

Ping Hou

Ph.D., 2000: Microstructural Evolution in Chemically Vapor Deposited Mullite Coatings

Currently at: Nortel Networks


Dharanipal Doppalapudi

Ph.D., 1999: Epitaxial Growth of III-V Nitrides and Phase Separation and Ordering in InGaN Alloys

Currently at: Boston MicroSystems Inc.

Haiming Wu

M.S., 2000: The Structure, Chemistry and Strength of FeCrAl(Y)/Al2O3 Interfaces

Currently at: Texas Instruments Inc.



Jun Zheng – M.S., 1997
Simulation of Tracer Concentration Profiles Obtained by Double Oxidation

Naresh Appannagaari – M.S., 1995
Mathematical Modeling of Oxygen Diffusion in Growing Oxide Scales

Christopher McDowell - M.S., 1995
Processing of Stainless Steels for Improved Oxidation Resistance

Dharanipal Doppalapudi - M.S., 1995
Structure and Phase Transformations in CVD Mullite Coatings

Dhruv Bhatt – M.S., 1992
Electron Microscopy Study of Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-x Thin Films

Undergrad Students
Ben Riley
Mike McCullough

Ben Riley

Mike McCullough

Ty Walentosky

Ty Walentosky

Ben Koplin


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