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High Tc superconductors


Schematic of the YBCO unit cell.

TEM micrograph showing twinning in YBCO, with inset diffraction pattern.

High temperature superconducting materials hold great promise in applications ranging from large superconducting magnets to small SQUID magnetometers. However, achieving high critical current densities remains a formidable challenge. Our research focuses on the study of nucleation and growth phenomena in superconducting thin films, and their effect on the formation of defects such as grain boundaries and second-phase precipitates. The understanding of the effect of processing on the structure and the subsequent electrical property is necessary to fully exploit these superconducting thin films for practical electronic applications.



A. Anderson, MIT Lincoln Labs


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MIT Lincoln Labs - TEM Investigation of Superconducting Thin Films and Multilayers (with A. Anderson).

LANL - Structure of Ferroelectric Superconducting Interfaces.

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