Spirituality, Medicine & Health Bibliography

Version 1 (Oct 31, 2009) created by Connor Wood, Eric Dorman, and Joel Daniels
Version 2 (Jan 1, 2012) created by Jenn Lindsay, Derrick Muwina, Stephanie Riley, and Lawrence A. Whitney

Boston University, January 1, 2012

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The Bibliography


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Part 1: History, Influence, Metaphysics, and General Background
of Spirituality and Medicine Traditions

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Part 2: Contemporary Research on Spirituality and Health

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Part 3: Integration of Alternative/Spiritual-Based Practices

Browse | Part 3 as: Formatted (RTF) | BIB | Zotero (RDF) | RIS

Part 4: Ramifications on Health Care Policy

Browse | Part 4 as: Formatted (RTF) | BIB | Zotero (RDF) | RIS

Part 5: Books for General Interest

Browse | Part 5 as: Formatted (RTF) | BIB | Zotero (RDF) | RIS

Usage Tips

The nested organization of the SMH Bibliography is designed to make it easy for you to find the most relevant works.

Click on a category within the index in the left pane and all of the entries under that category will appear.

When you click on a large category that includes many sub-categories, all of the entries from all of the subcategories appear.

Entries are always presented in alphabetical order by first author's family name.

Use the files (above on this page) to download parts or all of the SMH Bibliography to your reference management software.

Searching Tips

There are two ways to search the SMH Bibliography.

First, once you have displayed the entries within category you want to review, use your browser's search function to search for text on the page.

Second, download parts or all of the SMH Bibliography into your reference management software and then initiate searches from there.

We do not currently offer a search feature within the SMH Bibliography itself that presents search results in a new window.

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