LK312 Korean 6

Class Objective

The aim of this course is to consolidate the student's knowledge of language skills and to reinforce the students' ability of critical thinking on the issues of Korea. This goal will be achieved through the practice of reading Korean newspaper articles followed by class discussions and composing short passages according to the pertinent topics.


LK212 Korean 4 or equivalent proficiency with instructor's consent

Grading Policy

  1. Attendence (10%)
  2. Homework (30%)
  3. Essay Composition (15%)
  4. Presentation and discussion (10%)
  5. Midterm (15%)
  6. Final (20%)


Integrated Korean: Advanced Intermediate Level 2 Textbook (2002)
Ho-min Sohn; Eun-Joo Lee
University of Hawai'i Press

Main Topics for Semester

  • History of Korean newspapers in 19-20th century
  • Comparing Boston Globe and Chosun Ilbo
  • Sectional news articles: culture, society, sports, business, politics, editorials and columns

Sample Coursework


Sample student essays: Third-year Korean 2