LK111 Korean 1

Class Objective

This class is designed for students who do not have any Korean language background. Students will start learning the Korean alphabet and will be able to read and write simple Korean sentences upon completion of the course. Content of the lessons will be based on everyday life situations. The class will encourage students to experience a brief overview of Korean culture.

Grading Policy

  1. Attendence (10%)
  2. Homework (30%)
  3. Composing and playing group skits (10%)
  4. Biweekly Exam and vocabulary quiz (15%)
  5. Midterm (15%)
  6. Final (20%)


Integrated Korean: Beginning 1 Textbook (2000)
Cho, Lee, Schulz, Sohn and Sohn
University of Hawai'i Press

Integrated Korean: Beginning 1 Workbook (2000)
Carol Schulz
University of Hawai'i Press


Main Topics for Semester

  • Hangeul: Writing system and its pronounciation
  • Greetings, introducing oneself, describing a person
  • Asking about location, making requests
  • Inquiring about hometown and family, talking about majors and school life
  • Expressions about time, quantity and counting
  • Talking about daily activities
  • Receiving phone calls, sending letters, telling schedules
  • Talking about weather, directions and Seoul life and culture

Sample Coursework


Sample student essays: Korean 1

Practice basics of Hangeul and short Korean sentences by following a WebQuest: Hangeul WebQuest