LK212 Korean 4

Class Objective

This class is a continuing class from Korean 3 (LK211) or students who have Korean background previously can enter this level with the instructor's consent. The class begins with learning a comprehensive range of complex grammar and building Korean literacy skills. Students learn how to compose medium length essays.

Grading Policy

  1. Attendence (10%)
  2. Homework (30%)
  3. Composing essays and playing group skits (10%)
  4. Biweekly Exam and vocabulary quiz (15%)
  5. Midterm (15%)
  6. Final (20%)


Integrated Korean: Intermediate 2 Textbook (2001)
Cho, Lee, Schulz, Sohn and Sohn
University of Hawai'i Press

Integrated Korean: Intermediate 2 Workbook (2001)
Jiha Hwang, Young-Geun Lee
University of Hawai'i Press

Main Topics for Semester

  • Culture in Korean universities and studying abroad
  • Expressing opinions and reported speech style
  • Introducing oneself, job interview practice
  • Holidays in Korea, China and Japan
  • Adverbial expressions and different sentence conjunctions
  • Gender roles in Korea and the U.S.
  • Development of I.T. Industry in Korea

Sample Coursework


Sample student essays: Korean 4