LK112 Korean 2

Class Objective

This class is a continuing class from Korean 1 (LK111) or students who have Korean background previously can enter this level with the instructor's consent. The goal of this class is to learn basic but comprehensive grammar to build standard Korean skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking. Upon completion of this class students will be able to read and write short Korean paragraphs and carry proper Korean conversations based on everyday life situations.

Grading Policy

  1. Attendence (10%)
  2. Homework (30%)
  3. Composing essays and playing group skits (10%)
  4. Biweekly Exam and vocabulary quiz (15%)
  5. Midterm (15%)
  6. Final (20%)


Integrated Korean: Beginning 2 Textbook (2000)
Cho, Lee, Schulz, Sohn and Sohn
University of Hawai'i Press

Integrated Korean: Beginning 2 Workbook (2000)
Sung-Ock S. Sohn
University of Hawai'i Press

Main Topics for Semester

  • Writing a personal diary in Korean
  • Planning a schedule, plans for the future
  • Verbal modifiers and intentional expressions
  • Reading about Korean versus Korean-American
  • Differences among Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages
  • Writing a letter to your friend

Sample Coursework


Sample student essays: Korean 2