Journal Publications

  1. ``The Impact of Online Product Reviews on Product Returns” (SSRN), N. Sahoo, C. Dellarocas, S. Srinivasan; Forthcoming at Information Systems Research
  2. ``How to Attract and Retain Readers in Enterprise Blogging?”, Information Systems Research, 2014, P. Singh, N. Sahoo, T. Mukhopadhyay
  3. ``A Hidden Markov Model for Collaborative Filtering” (PDF), MIS Quarterly, 2012, N. Sahoo, P. Singh, T. Mukhopadhyay
  4. ``The Halo Effect in Multi-component Ratings and its Implications for Recommender Systems: The Case of Yahoo! Movies” (PDF), Information Systems Research, 2011, N. Sahoo, R. Krishnan, G. Duncan, J. Callan

Under Review

  1. ``When and How to Diversify—A Multi-Category Utility Model of Consumer Response to Content Recommendations” (SSRN), Y. Song, N. Sahoo, E. Ofek; Second revise and resubmit from Management Science
  2. ``Reducing Product Expiration by Aligning Salesforce Incentives” (SSRN), A. Akkas, N. Sahoo; Under review at Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  3. ``Opening the ‘Black Box’ of Purchase Process Models: Uncovering Characteristic Paths to Purchase of Consumer Populations” (SSRN), Y. Song, N. Sahoo, S. Srinivasan, C. Dellarocas; Under review

In Preparation

  1. ``How Much is the Value of Genomic Test Information? Evidence from Post-cardiac-stent Care Decisions” (SSRN), K. Cameron, N. Sahoo, N. Joglekar, J. Jain
  2. ``Matching Donors to Projects on Philanthropic Crowdfunding Platforms”, Y. Song, Z. Li, N. Sahoo

Proceedings with Copyright

  1. ``Applications of Voting Theory to Information Mashups” In Proceedings of the second IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC’08), A. Alba, V. Bhagwan, J. Grace, D. Gruhl, K. Haas, M. Nagarajan, J. Pieper, C. Robson, N. Sahoo
  2. ``Incremental Hierarchical Clustering of Text Documents.” In Proceedings of the Fifteenth ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM’06), N. Sahoo, J. Callan, R. Krishnan, G. Duncan, R. Padman. 15% acceptance rate.

Other Papers

Technical Report

  1. ``Artist Ranking through Analysis of Online Community Comments”, IBM Research Technical Report, J. Grace, D. Gruhl, K. Haas, M. Nagarajan, C. Robson, N. Sahoo

Reports and Theses

  1. Ph.D. thesis titled “Three Essays on Enterprise Information Systems Mining for Business Intelligence” (PDF) at Heinz College, CMU.
  2. ``Socio-temporal analysis of conversations in intra-organizational blogs” (PDF), N. Sahoo, R. Krishnan, C. Faloutsos—an unpublished working paper on identifying the topics and the levels of expertise of individuals from the content they produce on online social media platforms. The corresponding project page with more details: Uncovering Expertise.
  3. Second research paper at Heinz College titled “Experiments with Multi-component Rating Collaborative Filtering for Improved Recommendation” (PDF)
  4. MS project at Machine Learning Department at CMU titled “Incremental Hierarchical Clustering of Text Documents” (PDF)

Older Publication

  1. ``An Approach to Multi-objective Facility Layout Planning.” (PDF) Industrial Engineering Journal, 2002, XXXI No. 4, 20–25, N. Sahoo, T. Shekhar, S. Sahu