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Joyce Walsh is the Associate Professor of the Practice of Digital Design at Boston University College of Communication. She has taught over 3,500 students and looks forward to many more.

Her book, Graphic Design Essentials With Adobe Software, was published by Bloomsbury, London, October 29, 2020. Order or download the book at Bloomsbury (Book), Bloomsbury (eBook), Amazon (Book & Kindle).  

With academic and professional backgrounds in both the arts and technology, Joyce develops innovative courses that integrate design with creative software skills. Teaching design and Adobe and other creative software to non-designers has become another area of expertise. She consults with organzations to provide design and creative software skills to their employees with webinars, individual and small-group sessions, presentations and white papers. Experienced in all areas of graphic design, her work has been featured in publications, exhibitions and corporate art collections internationally. 2022 CV.


CM501 Design Strategy & Software Summer 2022

Monday/Wednesday SYLLABUS | Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3  

Tuesday/Thursday SYLLABUS | Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3  

CM529 Design Strategy & Software II

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Instagram : @WalshWall

Office : 617.353.5967

640 Commonwealth Avenue, 203D
Boston MA 02215