EC721 Topics in Development Economics, Fall 2018



Lecture Notes:

LN1: Theories of Credit Rationing

P. Ghosh, D Mookherjee and D. Ray, Credit Rationing in Developing Countries: An Overview of the Theory

LN2: Microcredit 1

LN3-4 Microcredit: New Directions

LN5 Credit Frictions and Misallocation in Agriculture

Presentation: Foster and Rosenzweig (2017)

LN7 Misallocation in Industry

Presentation: Dai et al 2018

LN9-10 Risk and Insurance Market Failures

Presentation: Karlan et al 2014

Presentation: Mobarak-Rosenzweig (2014)

LN13 Theories of Electoral Competition 1

LN14-15 Models of Probabilistic Voting, Lobbying and Special Interest Capture

LN17 Dynamics of Political Institutions

LN18 Vote Buying and Clientelism

Presentation: Chattopadhyay-Duflo (2004)

LN19 Identity, Ethnicity and Governance

LN20 Decentralization and Governance Part 1 Part 2

Presentation (Nov 29): Decentralization and Politician Preferences Hoffman et al

Presentation (Dec 3): Rise and Fall of Local Elections in China Martinez-Bravo et al

Presentation (Dec 6): Govt Audits and Corruption Avis et al

Presentation (Dec 11): E-Governance, Accountabilty and Leakage in Public Programs

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