2004 - The Third Year

Camera rail LN2 plunge testing
Slit/Decker unit details
Slit/Decker unit with thermal straps, filter box, filter wheels
Filter wheels, grism installed
Pics of lots of Mimir subsystems and units
Scope traces of detector clocks
White board problem list
Helium Compressor plug and socket
Mimir goodbye BU party
Getting Mimir out the door (literally)
Dismantling clean room, palettizing gear
Arrival at Perkins, unpacking


Rebuilding the clean room, at the Perkins
Compressor and cryostat off truck
Mimir inside new clean room
Failed compressor manifold
Modifications inside cryostat
Compressor manifold repairs
Mimir assembled, in clean room
Mimir with beefeater collar, slit/decker detail
Mimir being assembled for operation
Mexican Mimir
Mimir going up onto Perkins telescope for the first time
Mimir on telescope, hail on the ground
Mimir on Perkins
Detector pictures (maybe after we cracked it to generate Kokopeli?)
Reconfiguration of Mimir on telescope