Resistive heaters for the cold bulkhead. Used to accelerate warming of Mimir, when desired.
Cold bulkhead heaters, mounted on cold bulkhead. The embedded LN2 ring sits inside of the heaters. The flex hose in upper right connects the warm bulkhead LN2 entrance/exit ports to the LN2 ring.
Detail of one of the cold bulkhead heater units. It consists of a split block that captures a cartridge heater.
Set up for keeping the cryostat shell and internal MLI blanket under vacuum.
Mimir, before addition of the "Beefeater" collars between the cold and warm bulkheads
Front (top) view of Mimir, before collars added.
LN2 flex line hoses.
LN2 flex line hoses, after MLI wrapping
More hose wrapping. Note the G10 collar that connects the cold and warm bulkheads
Desoldering the busted manifold