Ribbon cable to Mil-Spec fan-out boards and connectors at "Leach box" backside.
ARC 8x A/D boards
Zoom of ARC A/D board
Reconfiguration of Mimir on back of telescope. Note ARC array control electronics moved to south side of autoguider, Electronics rack tucked up closer to back of primary mirror cell. The old "saddlebags" configuration of the electronics and array controller failed to avoid collision with the floor of the dome at some pointings, though the cryostat avoided the floor for all pointings.
Details of the mounting of the ARC array control electronics in the new configuration.
Another view of the new configuration.
Looking at the new configuration from the West.
Zoomed view of same
"Front" view of new configuration. Note that the helium hoses still drag on the floor - by this time they had not yet been routed over the North pier.
Zoomed view of cryostat.
Details of electronics rack.
Zoom view of electronics.
And another...
Zoom of controls for vacuum gauge controller
Vacuum gauge thermocouple (TC) readout
Vacuum gauge BA gauge readout
LakeShore 331 panel and readout
Another view of same
I/O boards zoomed view.